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Potato Cats

Potato Cats is a webcomic for all ages created by Rotem Moshkovitz (a.k.a Vaporotem) that has been boiling inside her mind for quite some years now to the point of madness.

The plot is leaning toward comedy but we will sure have some drama and adventure during the run!

The Potato Cats were created sometime between 2002-2003 when the internet was still new and Anime started it’s world’s domination.


At first there were only three main cats- Potato, Tomato and Boris but over time more of them joined the party.

At some point all the characters were neglected because of the author’s life and the fact she didn’t know what to do with them… until she finally picked them up again and gave them a fresh start.

Yorogato potato cats potatocats illustration art awesome design vap vaporotem cat cats
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